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"Practice like you’ve never won; perform like you’ve never lost."

"Life is like soccer, You need goals."

WABA Leagues


WABA Leagues are fun, competitive & very challenging. They are the perfect compliment to WABA skills training. Take what you have learned and apply it to competitive game situations. At WABA leagues you get 1,000+ touches with decision making and the freedom to experiment while being creative. You choose to enter a 1V1 formatted league by yourself or a 2V2 or 3V3 formatted league with 2 or 3 teammates of your choice. 90-minute leagues runs the same day & time each week for 4 weeks.  3-4 different games will be played each day. Points will be tabulated & posted with league standings & player rankings.  When the league concludes the player or team with the most points wins & is awarded the champion's prize. The champion can choose to be promoted to the next bracket up the following league & the last place finisher can choose to be relegated to the next bracket down. If a champion or last place finisher win's or looses by a large margin they may be force promoted or relegated by the league. P&R will continuously keep the brackets competitive while balancing player experiences.


League Type


1. Attacking League - The most competitive league all based around attacking games to sharpen your ability to confidently take on a player 1V1 or as a small team. Some favorite games are Inside Out™, Step™, Mano e Mano™, Forward Attack™, Gates™, Side Attack™, Mega-Man™, Knock-Out™, Man Down™, Chase™, Possess™ & Blaster™.

2. Soccer Tennis - This is a great way to sharpen your aerial game and aerial first touch with dozens of WABA Games™  including Low V™, Middle B™, 4V™, High V™, Wall V™, Airborne™ & Blaster™.

3. Mixed Games - This league type is a sampling of attacking, aerial, finishing, passing and possession games. A new challenge and 3-4 new games every week. Golden Crossbar™, Knock-Out™, Inside Out™, Step™, Mano e Mano™, Forward Attack™, Gates™, Chase™, Possess™, Low V™, High V™, Wall V™, WABstAcles™, Super Rondo™ & Blaster™.

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