WABA 1v1 Leagues are small sided game leagues where players compete in 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 games, 90 minute sessions. Players personal points/wins are tracked through this 4-week long league. A champion is crowned each month with an award. League 41 develops elite skills & confidence to take you to the next level while having serious soccer fun. Competitive leagues at every age U9-Adult.

WABA 2v2 Leagues are 2v2, 2v4 & 2v6 games. You & a partner compete in a 4-week long league against 2-3 other teams. Players develop a special bond with their teammate executing continuous one two's, synchronized team pressure/cover and coordinated attacking sequences. Have fabulous fun & develops awareness, quick decision making & creativity. Sign up as a team 42 (for 2).

WABA 3v3 Leagues are unlike any 3v3 tournament. By rotating 15 different small sided 3v3 games, WABA elevates your personal & team abilities. Sign up with your club teammates or soccer friends & bring your your communication, chemistry and attacking abilities to the next level. There are no substitutes needed as each team plays 18-30 games lasting 1-5 minutes, each 90 minute session. WABAON¡

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