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How do I Redeem a Hexpass™ Free Trial?

A Hexpass free trial is a pass for a sample of six different 45-minute WABA development modules broken into 2 135-minute sessions. These intense sessions are semi-private & have a 4:1 player to coach ratio.


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The first session starts with WABA Assess, one of many assessment modules that identify needed areas of improvement & track progress. The next module WABA Learn is a traditional learning module that drives home core skills mastery. The session finishes with 45 minutes of WABA Games like Mano a Mano™, a 1v1 & 2v2 attacking game & WABA Blaster™ a fun first touch & finishing power game. A UEFA and USSF A licensed coach/mentor will review the players performance & make recommendations for future improvements in a 10-20 minute private evaluation.

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The second day WABA Hexpass trial focuses on more innovative learning & practice modules with specific goals like skills warm-up routines, ball mastery with eyes up, specific skills challenges & elevating juggling to the next level. Many of these include contests & metrics which have awards & designations that promote achievements. 

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