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"Hard work always overcomes natural talent, when natural talent doesn't work hard" - Sir Alex Ferguson


WABA offers a wide variety of technical, tactical & physical sessions that can be mixed & matched. Choose the sessions that dovetail into your Annual Development Plan or that address specific goals & challenges. WABA's sessions are built around a weekly periodization schedule that match Chicago's top soccer academies & clubs. Sessions are 60, 90, 120 & 150 minutes long with most session starting with a dynamic or plyometric warm-up. They finish with a complementary 15-30 minute balance, strength & conditioning session or myofascial release work. Athletes are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes early for self directed Ball Calibration™.

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Chicago Fire - President/GM & Technical Director

Reading FC - 1st Team Asst Coach, Marco Mitrovic

Arsenal FC - Academy Coach, Josh Hinckson

Fulham FC - Academy Coach, Oliver Hinckson

Northwestern - Men's Head Coach, Russell Payne

Ladies Steel City FC - Coaches & Team Training


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FASTTT Feet Session

FASTTT says it all, the ultimate goal, be the fastest! How fast can you think, react & move. In this breakthrough session foot skill mastery meets top speeds. The idea is to push your speed OTL™ (over the line) of what you can and can't do. If you can you do 11 rollover tap taps in 10 seconds can you push it to 12, 13, oe even 15... Getting OOCZ™ (out of comfort zones) is the key to advancement in all WABA sessions.

FASTTT™ Feet combines interval training for 30 second periods focusing on Form, Accuracy & Style followed by burst anaerobic interval training for 10 second periods, trying to push Tempo OTL™. The final step in FASTTT™ is to measure Time and Touches to track results. This session also combines speed passing and small sided possession games to move your newly acquired speed to game realistic situations.

Duration: 75-Minutes plus Warm-Up & Conditioning

Intensity: 7-9

Instruction: 5 to 10-Minutes

Maximum Athletes: 9

Levels: All

Membership Credits: 8