"Hard work always overcomes natural talent, when natural talent does't work hard" - Sir Alex Ferguson

WABA Development

WABA is an innovative soccer training & development facility focusing on nurturing the love of the game through skills mastery, creative problem solving, quick decision making, elite athleticism & character development, all in an immersion environment that is fun & welcoming to the entire family.


WABA promotes small sided games including 1v1's, 2v2's and 3v3's as a way for players to receive 1000's of quality touches opposed & under pressure. These games bridge WABA's cutting edge technical and physical development and connects it back to the 11v11 game. Become a WABA Member, sign up for a training package or join a WABA League.

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Elite Soccer Training

WABA Assess™

These sessions are the foundation of all development. WABA's first step is always an assessment to see an athletes technical and physical skills. Then goals are set and tracked in an annual development plan.

Fake, Escape & Explode™

WABA's ball mastery session on finding space to shoot, pass or dribble.

Juggling Roadmap™

Develop a great first touch and master aerial control. Creative out of the box juggling methods using over 20 different balls, 5 surfaces with boots and bare feet.



Enhance your sense of touch and sound with ball mastery exercises that focus on playing and attacking with eyes up. This fabulous program builds great confidence along with controlled technical skills. The ultimate challenge is doing freestyle foot skills, blindfolded.

Super Rondo™

Develop lightning fast 1 & 2 touch passing while learning about WABA's 5 first touch techniques, body shape & passing decision making. These sessions include Barca Academy's favorite game - Rondo.


WABA's innovated approach to developing fast feet pushing players OOCZ™(out of comfort zones). FASTTT​™ Feet combines high beat per minute music with short burst anaerobic interval foot skill training using WABA's Big Box™, Speed Square™ & 18's cone exercises.

Kinga Ginga™

Brazilian street-soccer techniques at their best, move like Pele, Ronaldinho & Neymar. Practiced with music, these fun and inspiring modules emphasize rhythm, grace & style. Bring out your inner Ginga. Kinga Ginga™, play beautiful today! 

Aerial Maddness™

These sessions focus on everything aerial including traps, flicks, volleys, sidewinders & bicycle kicks. The last part of the session includes challenging aerial games.

WABA Games™

50 unique 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 games played with walls, rebounders, nets, targets & goals. Focusing on different technical/tactical skills while increasing creativity, decision making & self confidence. Keep the love for soccer burning strong, Play WABA™ Games!


WABstAcles™ are socccer obstacle

& agility courses with balls, tumbling, 

hurdles, mannequins, & more. 

Race against the clock or an opponent while improving body movement & soccer skills. 

Open Pitch (Gym)

Freedom to experiment and have fun. Record & verify your Top-It records and promotion skills. Play small sided WABA Games™ & contests with facility access to FIFA 2019, billiards, foosball, cognitive games, big screen TV’s & more. Relax and enjoy!



LEAGUE 41 & 42 & 43

These are competitive small sided 1v1 & 2v2 & 3v3 90-Minute leagues, run once a week for 4 weeks. These promotion & relegation leagues crown a champion each month. Choose from 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 attacking, aerial & finishing  game leagues. Awards to the division champion.

Chicago Fire Staff Visits

The Chicago Fire Senior Staff visited WABA on four separate occasions.  

We were pleased to welcome Nelson Rodriguez - President & GM, Marko Mitrovic - First Team Assistant Coach, Cedric Cattenoy - Academy Director & Ross Brady - Academy Coach. Fantastic food, drinks and great soccer conversation were flowing all night at WABA Development's Lake Zurich test facility.



TOURNEY 41 & 42 & 43

These are competitive small sided 1v1 & 2v2 & 3v3 3-Hour same day tornaments. They are highly competitive and crown a champion. Play a minimum of 18 seeding games and then a single elimination bracket. Each game is 1-5 minutes long. Awards twill go to the bracket champion.

Annual Development Plan

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As part of WABA's membership package all athletes receive their own personalized annual development plan. The ADP starts with an initial assessments & review. WABA's 100 skill written evaluation is the basis for goal setting, practice schedules & progress evaluations. Skills & physical assessments are available each months to show historical growth. Each membership includes a 45-minute quarterly sit down development review with a mentor coach.

Top-It  Skills & Records

Top-It™ Skills Introduction

See the tools & principles behind learning, practicing, assessing & setting goals with 2500 technical skills from WABA.

Top-It™ Skills Practice at Home

This is an example of  a Top-It™ Skills training video that players can use to learn and practice skills at home. WABA members enjoy a library of professionally produced video education plus laminated skills cards detailing how to execute each skill like a pro.

Leaderboard Top Records Video

Athletes set personal & worldwide skills records & are awarded bands, badges, plaques & trophies.

Top-It Skill Card Sample

Juggling - Alternating Foot Laces guidelines detailed with FASTTT™ Practice Standards, 12 achievement levels & Beat the Pro.