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"Hard work always overcomes natural talent, when natural talent does't work hard" - Sir Alex Ferguson

Formato Master & Formato Pro Freestyle


Formato Master skills program focuses on 100 ball mastery, attacking, transition, pick-up, trap & juggling skills. Players participate in 45-minute training modules that revolve around learning the skills for each level. These modules teach/practice skills in a variety of fun & challenging exercises. Once learned they are performed in a predetermined Formato (format/sequence) of 36-72 moves. Home practice becomes motivating & defineable. As players progress through levels 1-12 so does the skill difficulty, number of skills & number of moves. A player may assess to pass a level once they receive a Mastery Sticker for each skill in that level & show successful Formato three times. Assessments are held once a month & badge celebration ceremonies/demonstrations are quarterly. Formato Master Freestyle is an advanced badge that is achieved once you master a level by experimenting with the moves & creatively developing your own Formato.


Formato Pro Freestyle program focuses on 112 off-the-hook freestyle skills, performed in Formato levels

13-24. These levels can be attempted in any order and simultaneously if desired.  Players participate in

45-minute training modules that revolve around learning advanced techniques that have been choreographed into a predetermined sequence. These have been created by some of the worlds most skilled & famous footballers & freestylers. Study their videos and emulate the 36-72 moves they expertly perform. Once you have mastered their sequence craft your own with the newly discovered skills. Once you have received a Formato Pro Mastery Sticker for each skill & performed both the pro's & your freestyle sequence expertly the coach will approve your participation in the monthly assessment session. 

The 15"x60" Formato Master & Formato Pro Freestyle posters below are great ways to track progress & display achievements. Formato Mastery Stickers are conveniently affixed to these posters while Formato Badges are awarded to display on jerseys or back packs. Framed Formato achievement certificates are awarded to players that attend the quarterly awards banquet.

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